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The Magical Rock Band is an independent, Hip-Hop Rock inspired group from Sacramento, CA. The band consists of 4 siblings; MRB Lyna B, MRB Mike, MRB Jr, and MRB Ty. Their music blends hip hop, pop, and alternative rock styles into a beautiful mixture of inspirational music made to encourage other youths around the world to live life to the fullest and SpreadLove.

The Magical Rock Band family are more than musicians. Their business empire they're building, Magical Rock Band Inc, will impact young creatives all over the world through their union with family-owned non-profit OccupyLove WorldWide and the California based company EDUtainment pros, LLC. Magical Rock Fans can expect multiple outlets of creative inspiration like MRB books, a web series, and plenty of performances from MRB coming soon. Until then, enjoy the music and pick up your Magical Rock Boxes while supplies last... MRB 4 Life!

MRB Bios


Bass Guitarist

Born Tyson Mekhi Hellon, MRB Ty is without a doubt the heart & soul of the Magical Rock Band. The oldest brother of the crew, and the moral compass for all the siblings. MRB Ty is the steady reminder that nothing is more important than love, and humanity can figure out a lot of it's problems by remembering that one important fact. He is the type of friend every kid wishes they had because he will always have your back... as long as you're doing the right thing. Though he's known for his caring heart, MRB Ty was named "Tyson" for his fighting spirit and warrior's pride. So don't take his kindness for weakness, and never mess with his family!


Lead Singer

Born Mickelle Duamire Hellon Jr., MRB JR is the brains of any operation, and the metal power of the Magical Rock Band. "There isn't a problem in the world that doesn't come with a solution, all we have to do is be patient enough to work together to find it." MRB Jr has a real-life academic career of almost straight A's on just about every report card he's ever received, and now he's dedicating his gifted mind to finding solutions for some of the world's problems. The only thing stronger than his critical thinking ability, is his love for his family, so make sure when you speak on the Magical Rock Band you keep it respectful!

MRb mike

Lead Guitarist/Producer

Born Michael Mickelle Hellon, MRB Mike is the youngest brother and the attitude of the Magical Rock Band. He was born an Ares and has the fiery heart to prove it. MRB Mike will build you up and make you feel amazing if you're friendly, but foes beware, he has the wit and sharp tongue of a comedian with a vendetta. With that said, MRB Mike is definitely a lover, and will forever put his family & friends above all else... but if you got jokes about the Magical Rock Band family, be ready to here some pretty embarrassing things about yourself!

mrb lyna

Jack of All Trades

Born Anjelyna Michelle Hellon, MRB Lyna is the youngest sibling and the spirit of the Magical Rock Band. With MRB Lyna, nothing is impossible. She is the physical embodiment of the old Jay-Z line "Difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week." Even by the young age of 10 years old, the only sister of the Magical Rock Band has some pretty amazing accomplishments and experiences. From making beats with her "Ares Twin" MRB Mike, to cutting an album with her big brothers and RocNation producer Trakmatik in Atlanta, to being top earner in Girl Scouts, and many more successful adventures in between... it's captivating to think of what she'll do next!

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